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The main functions of StaffCV are job placement, online applications, response management, candidate filtering and searching, and recruitment workflow management.

StaffCV can transform your recruitment process by offering you the best in web recruitment and candidate database technology in one package.

Make your recruitment faster, easier, and cheaper. We can have your jobs and application process online in less than a day.

Finding 'key' people is an almost constant activity in every organization, but not always an easy one. In today's fast moving and competitive environment, speed and efficiency are core elements of organizational success. Traditional recruitment practices are inefficient - they are manual, time consuming and expensive.

There is a better way!

StaffCV - a cutting-edge recruitment management system built to allow employers to cut recruitment costs, and manage their own recruitment destiny. StaffCV is a complete recruitment tool that provides all the resources and features required to effectively and efficiently manage an organization's entire recruitment needs.

StaffCV changes the paradigm of recruiting by promoting the proactive collection of detailed job seeker CVs (applications or résumés), with the exact information required by the employer. The employer can now become their own recruiting agent, ensuring all applicants meet their exact needs and standards.

Using StaffCV, the employer can easily create and customize a total recruitment site according to their specific needs, and control their own destiny.

How Does it Work?

The StaffCV system is made up of two parts:

  1. The Employer's Custom Recruitment Web Site

  2. The StaffCV Software

The Employer's Custom Recruitment Web Site

The employer simply types information and selects colors, logos and styles from within the StaffCV Recruitment software, which then creates the web site. It is then published to the StaffCV web servers where it is secured and hosted.

Job seekers go to the employer's recruitment site, research the employer and enter their personal and career details. The job seeker can then apply to any of the jobs the employer has created, and from now on will communicate directly with the employer on-line.On the web site, the employer asks the questions to record the skills specific to each job they want to recruit for. Job seekers know they are providing all the required information for the employer as they are applying on the employers own custom application form. Each different job the employer creates has it's own application form recording the exact skills and information the employer needs to accurately recruit future staff. This marks the end of CVs that are full of unnecessary or limited information.

The employer can create as many on-line jobs as the wish, and proactively collect applications from job seekers all over the world who want to be considered for any current or future position.

The StaffCV Software

The StaffCV Software allows the employer to create a completely customized and automated recruitment process enabling them to manage thousands of applications from the initial application, to the moment a candidate is hired. All recruitment activities can be managed from this ONE program, which allows the employers to create and choose any individualized process they want.

Using the StaffCV software the employer can:

  • Easily create their own custom on-line recruitment web site.

  • Create and promote the information about their organization.

  • Create unlimited custom on-line application forms for any job, using any type of question and answer options and also format they require.

  • Set the minimum entry criteria candidates must pass in order to apply.

  • Define the specific recruitment steps and process according to the needs of each department within the organization.

  • Set up a custom HR (Human Resource) weighted scoring model that allows all job seekers to be measured and scored from a common standard.

  • Run detailed searches for candidates. Search on any combination of information or fields entered by job seekers on the dedicated web sites.

  • Instantly review, qualify and manage masses of job seekers quickly and easily, while still portraying a personalized and professional approach to each job seeker.

  • Specify how many candidates the system should return. The system will return the very best candidates, and ensure that they all meet or exceed the minimum entry criteria.

  • Communicate directly with candidates easily and efficiently. Forms requesting more information, interview Emails, medical appointments and mail merge letters can all be generated and sent through the system.

  • Set-up on-line real time examinations and interviews and interact dynamically with job seekers.

  • Communicate directly with colleagues involved with the recruitment process.

  • Automatically keep a logged history of each candidate, tracking their movement through the recruitment process and recording all correspondence you have with them.

Why StaffCV Recruitment Software - what are the benefits?

Total Control

StaffCV software gives the employer total control over their recruitment process. They control the information provided about their organization on the job seeker web sites, and create their own customized on-line application forms.

The employer is in total control of 'what' job seeker information is captured and 'how' this information is captured through the question and answer options the the employer makes available on their application form. This enables the employer to ensure the information they collect is only the information they require, and in the format they need it in.

The employer has full control over the employment process, the specific steps candidates must progress through, and every piece of correspondence they receive.

Managing the Masses

Because job seekers enter their CV information and complete the employer's on-line application forms onto a web site, huge filing cabinets needed to hold paper CV's and application forms become obsolete and unnecessary. Also, because job seekers make all updates on-line, the difficult task of managing a constant flow of updates becomes a thing of the past. The time-consuming task of storing and maintaining CV's is no longer an employer's problem.

The Initial Screening

StaffCV Employer software also allows an employer to create a powerful filtering system to do the initial candidate screening. Using this system they can prioritize and rank any piece of information given by a Job Seeker, according to their specific position requirements. By doing this the employer can create a minimum entry criteria that all job seekers must meet.

Any job seeker not meeting this minimum criteria can be set so they are not be able to apply to the employer. The web site automatically informs the job seeker if they do not meet the minimum requirements, and they can then view what the employer's minimum entry criteria is. This process of pre-qualification means the employer only has applications on file from candidates that meet the minimum needs.

Finding Great Candidates

When the employer has a job vacancy they simply create and run a detailed search specific to the requirements of the available position. The system searches through the thousands of job seekers that have 'proactively' applied to the employer on the web site, and returns only the best candidates. The system will never return candidates that do not meet the employer's minimum entry criteria for that job, and will only return the best 'X' number of candidates as defined by the employer's own measurement standard.

Communication & the Personal Touch

The system allows the employer to communicate directly with job seekers either one-on-one, or as a group. Personalized response templates can be created and automatically sent by the system as candidates move through the employer's recruitment process. The employer can choose to communicate via email or they can generate mail merge letters.

Although the employers are now managing applicants in a totally automated manner, they are still able to give personal responses and individual attention to the Job Seeker. They do not lose the 'personal touch.' In fact, StaffCV helps to improve it. Often, when using traditional recruitment practices there is simply not enough time to send a reply to each and every candidate. With StaffCV, however, they can, because the system does it automatically.

StaffCV Saves Money and Time

One of the greatest benefits of using the
StaffCV system is that it saves the employer time and a considerable amount of money. Virgin Blue Airlines has stated they think StaffCV will save them in excess of $120,000.00 per budgeted period. These savings are made in many areas, for example:

  • Operational expenses such as advertising costs, the printing of application forms, postal costs, and the cost of phone calls to candidates and third party expenses such as agency, head hunter, consultant and placement fees.

A huge amount of time is saved using the StaffCV system through the automation of all the manual time consuming procedures involved with traditional methods of recruiting. The following tasks can now be done at the touch of a button leaving key staff free to focus on more important responsibilities:

  • Send out application forms; open, sort, reply and file received application forms/CVs; carry out the initial screening of application forms/CVs; keep files current with updates sent by job seekers; track candidates through the recruitment process, record and file interview notes, record each candidates history through the recruitment process; send correspondence to candidates.

Intangible Benefits

The StaffCV system also provides a great many intangible benefits.

One of these is the improvement of staff morale. The system enables employers to use their time and resources to the best possible effect. As a result, staff will be less stressed and more efficient. Other benefits include:

  • An improvement in the quality of candidate information received.

  • An improvement in the quality of candidates interviewed as the system ensures employers only view the 'best' candidates based on the employers own definition of what 'best' may be.

  • The ability to be proactive about recruitment process as the reporting functions can be used to identify areas where improvement is required or can be made.

  • Candidates will have a favorable impression of your recruitment process and your organization.

Technical Requirements

The StaffCV software is very user-friendly. There is no need to be a technical or IT 'guru' to use the software package to the best of its ability. All that is required is a PC, a mouse and an Internet connection. Click here for further technical information


The installation of the StaffCV software is a quick and easy process. The software needs to be installed onto the PC of each chosen user in the HR team. Detailed installation instruction are provided and installation takes about 2 minutes.

The web site hosting, 24 hour monitoring of sites, hardware support, service levels, Internet security and infrastructure for your organization's custom web site is funded and managed by StaffCV. The employer may choose to totally manage the service in-house.


The type of training given is based on the specific needs of the employer.

  • StaffCV provides a progressive 'end-user training program'. This is typically instructor-led and is a mixture of both one-on-one and small group sessions. To supplement this training we provide a detailed training manual and quick reference guides to help with the day-to-day functions of the system.

  • We also adopt the 'train the trainer' approach, where the trainer then rolls the system out for departmental use.

  • We also have the ability to provide one on one training across the Internet.

On-Going Support

Our International Call Centers provide an on-going support service. Our Call Centers operate 7 days a week. For a list of all telephone numbers and email addresses please refer to our Contact Details.

Who Uses StaffCV?

The StaffCV system can be used by any skills-based, technical industry. It works best in industries where the competencies required for the job type can be measured and qualified. Any company in any industry can use StaffCV.


We have recently launched a StaffCV managed portal in the Aviation industry. In the first 10 weeks of business, 9 airlines were using the software including Virgin Blue, the Qantas and Air New Zealand/Ansett Australia regional groups, a flight training college, a small regional operator and the New Zealand Government Civil Aviation Authority.

During this same period over 10,000 pilot and cabin crew job seekers have joined the site and applied to the airlines.

The opportunities and benefits for your organization are phenomenal.

Read the Virgin Blue testimonial here.

StaffCV Mission Statement

"We aim to flatten the ground so we can provide a fair chance at employment on a level playing field; where skills and qualifications are measured one on one; where talent crosses all borders; where employers and employees can come together on mutual terms, without prejudice; and to provide the tools that allow a global and fair recruitment marketplace to exist - this is the vision of StaffCV."

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